The Problem 

Condensation is by the biggest cause of damp related problems in the UK today.Condensation may occur from the way in which a building is being used or because of the design of the structure itself. Poor ventilation, low temperatures, large amount of people in property and high use of showers, tumble dryers and other modern appliances can all raise the moisture content of the air to the point where the moisture condenses out to any available cold surface. Serious condensation gives rise to large amounts of moisture running down non-absorbent materials such as windows. On absorbent wall surfaces the condensation results in large damp areas which can support black mould growth. Black mould is a toxic substance which can cause respiratory problems and disease, especially in young children.

The Solution

The modern day method of solving condensation problems in dwellings is by installing a positive input ventilation system in the loft of the property. A positive input ventilation unit gently supplies tempered, filtered air into a home using otherwise unused heat within a roof. The benefits of this are enormous; 

Firstly, it means that a significant proportion of external pollutants are prevented from entering the home. 

Secondly, the use of the otherwise unused heat in the roof results in the ventilation unit providing a significant net energy gain to the home. 

Thirdly, there is no better way to ventilate a home than from the inside out via a single, centrally located, supply air diffuser. 

A good quality unit, fitted in your loft, will operate at an almost imperceptible noise level. You will hardly know its there. A properly designed and installed unit will ensure that old, contaminated, vapour laden air in your home is continuously diluted, displaced and replaced with good quality air. The result is improved indoor air quality and an environment in which condensation dampness cannot exist. The old air exits through the thousands of air leakage points found in all homes. Indeed, positive input ventilation will even help to suppress unwanted infiltration (draughts). The installation of a low energy positive input ventilation unit will ensure the air in your home is completely replaced with better quality air around 20 times a day. This is the recommended rate to maintain good air quality. 

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